Andrin Jenal

I am a software engineer, curious about everything that involves computers and images. I completed my studies at ETH Zurich majoring in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. During my thesis I collaborated closely with Disney Research Zurich where I had the opportunity to develop and train a generative neural network. Currently I am working for the 3D reconstruction start-up astrivis in Zurich's computer vision mecca.
Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning and Image Processing, Photography and Outdoor Activities


A RNN-based Generative Model for Fine-Grained Sketching This is my master thesis project that involves generative neural networks for tree skeleton sketching.

Long Exposure Time Simulation

Here you may find my bachelor thesis project which I did with the CVG (Computer Vision Group) at ETH Zurich, supervised by Marcelle Lancelle. The idea is to create a long exposure time image from a video for panning shots of moving objects.