Distinguishing artist and computer generated tree skeletons

The goal of this study is test if a human observer can distinguish between tree skeletons created by artists, and those generated automatically by a machine learning algorithm.

Throughout the study, we will refer to artist created trees as "real" and computer generated trees as "fake".

You will first be shown examples of "real" and "fake" images. You may then choose to start the study whenever you are ready.

These webpages are not mobile-friendly and might appear distorted. We request you use a desktop.

This is an anonymous study. You will not be asked for any identifying details, nor will we track any browser or system metadata. The only data transmitted by the study will be your responses to the questions.

Please feel free to contact:
Andrin Jenal (ajenal@student.ethz.ch) if you have any questions or reservations.

Website credits: Andrin Jenal (ETHZ)

Click on the corresponding button to label the image as real or fake.

You may conclude the study by clicking "Send data and finish".